Rules Regulations

Rules and Regulations of Aqaba International Industrial Estate

PBI Aqaba Industrial Estate LLP (the “Manager”), hereby declares that the following regulations shall be complied with by all Users (User) located in the Aqaba International Industrial Estate (AIIE), into each of whose respective leases, or land or building sale agreement, these regulations are incorporated by reference.

1. Use of Premises

The Premises and installations located in the AIIE shall be used only for light and medium industrial and commercial operations.

2. Nuisances

No activities may be conducted within the AIIE which creates a nuisances to adjacent sites, such as unreasonable noise, emission of dust smoke, toxic or noxious fumes or odors; vibrations, elector-magnetic disturbances or radiation, or air or water pollution.

3. Improvements

a. No structure, fence, wall, change in any building, outside storage facility, parking area or other improvement (temporary or otherwise) shall be commenced until the specifications thereof, showing the nature, shape, height, materials, color schemes, lighting and location of the proposed improvement, have been submitted to and approved in writing by the Manager. The Manager shall have the right to refuse the approval of any such plans or for any reason which the Manager, in its sole discretion, may deem to be in the best interest of the Users of the AIIE. The Manager will not be obliged to approve any structure to be built not in accordance with the Industrial Estate Design Guidelines attached hereto.


b. All installations or modifications shall be in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and decrees.


c. All construction related activity performed within the AIIE shall be subject to supervision by Manager who will have the right to charge a reasonable fee for this activity.

4. Users Management

The User agrees to inform the Manager promptly and in writing of the names, fax numbers, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses and mailing addresses of the principal executive managers responsible for their operations in the AIIE and a liaison employee. Any changes in the names, fax, telephone numbers and mailing addresses of such managers shall be reported in writing to the Manager

5. Signs

The User shall neither place or cause or allow to be placed, any sign or signs of any kind whatsoever at, in, or about the building, except in or at such place or places as may be consented to in writing by the Manager. Such consent shall not be unreasonably withheld by the Manager

6. Parking and Traffic
  1. The User agrees to abide by all parking and traffic rules and signs placed in the AIIE and to cause their personnel to obey all rules of traffic and parking. Loading or unloading docks and/or ramps shall always be constructed facing the side or rear of the building.


The User will be required to secure parking areas for vehicles and containers belonging to him and his staff, or to his suppliers and service providers, as stated above, and such vehicles or containers shall park within the boundaries of the investor’s project and not on the roads within the boundaries of the Aqaba International Industrial Estate.


  1. A vehicle which cannot operate on its own power shall not remain within public areas of the AIIE for more than 24 hours


  1. The speed limit within the confines of the AIIE shall be in accordance with ASEZA regulations


  1. Any damage done to the AIIE property by person providing services to the User shall be repaired at User cost.
7. Landscaping
  1. The land between building and any street shall be developed and kept in a clean and attractive appearance by the Manager. These areas shall be covered entirely by sidewalks or other paving, landscaping, decorative fillings or construction compatible with the overall architectural style of buildings in the AIIE. All other portions of the lots not in use as buildings or parking areas shall be kept free of trash or debris and any foreign material.


  1. All lots reserved by Users for future expansion shall be kept at their cost free of weeds trash and debris.


8. Painting

Users shall be responsible for maintaining their buildings and improvements well painted. Exterior surfaces shall be repainted at least every three years or when needed all repainting shall be at Users cost in the same color as the original painting unless the Manager permits in writing the use of a different color.

9. Storage Areas

No materials supplies or products shall be stored or permitted to remain on the premises outside a permanent structure without consent of the Manager.  

10. Refuse Areas
  1. All refuse, garbage and waste materials must be placed in the dumps to be located in the back of each building structure. User will be responsible for the visual screening from the streets and adjacent lots.


  1. The back of the building, especially the loading and unloading area must be kept clean and free of any garbage or waste materials. No temporary storage of residual material will be allowed
11. Security

Any additional security requirements must be contracted through the Manager

12. Fire Protection

Manager shall install and provide Fire hydrants network and water storage according to Civil Defense rules and regulation applied in Jordan

13. Amendments

These regulations may be amended from time to time by the Manager, provided that such amendment does not result in undue harm or damage to the operation of existing industries. All changes in these regulations will be notified, in writing to all users at least thirty (30) days prior to their effective dates.

14. Approval

In case the Manager does not reply within thirty (30) calendar days of having received a request as required in a provision herein, the request for authorization, approval or acceptance shall be considered as granted.

15. Food Preparation
  1. No food preparation will be permitted within the buildings. Individual workers may take their own food to work. In the event that adequate catering services are not available, Manager will permit alternative solutions.


  1. User shall use one of the commissary services designated by Manager as acceptable, or with Manager’s consent, any other commissary service for providing meals to its employees.
16. Employees
  1. The User shall provide a space for a lunch area in the Premises of one seat for every two employees and will instruct its employees and make reasonable efforts to prevent them from eating outside of the lunch area.


  1. User shall ensure that its employees eat in the lunch area of its building during their shifts and breaks


  1. User agrees to provide its employees with adequate identification so that they may enter the AIIE


  1. If any User employee violates any of the rules contained herein within the AIIE, Manager shall notify user of said violation providing User with the employee’s name and nature of the violation. If the employee is found in violation after the notification; Manager reserves the right of preventing entry of such employee to the AIIE


  1. User shall provide Manager with a list of all its officers it wishes to drive his/her personal vehicles into the park. To this end, Manager shall provide User with a number of “vehicle authorization” for each of these vehicles. User will instruct his/her officer that said authorization must be placed on the bottom right hand side of their vehicle. At no time will Manager provide more authorizations that the parking spaces available in each building.


  1.     All light vehicles must enter and exit the AIIE through the light vehicle designated gate. No light vehicle shall enter the AIIE without the authorization contained in paragraph E.


  1. User personnel who travel by public transportation shall have an area to board and leave said public transportation adjacent to of the entrance of the AIIE
17. Suppliers
    1. Outside contractors who are performing a service for a User may not use the AIIE networks such as power, water, sewer,..etc without a written permission from the Manager.


    1. Common areas that may be affected by service people are to be cleaned up immediately


    1. User will be held responsible and will be assessed for the costs incurred by the Manager for clean-up or repairs if these were necessary
18. Application to Sublet

Each User agrees to insert into any sublease or sale agreements it may enter into if permitted by the relevant agreement with the Manager, a clause requiring the subtenant or purchaser to comply with these regulations and any amendments thereto made pursuant to paragraph 14 above.

19. Environmental
  1. It is understood that under no circumstances shall the user keep dangerous or flammable materials except materials required in the normal course of the User’s manufacturing cycle permitted and used in accordance with laws and regulations of ASEZA or relevant Jordanian Authorities.


  1. It is expressly prohibited to discharge any waste water in any manner other than or will be specified by relevant authorities.


  1. The User shall comply with all policies and regulation of the ASEZA or relevant Jordanian Authorities. To supervise such compliance, the Manager may hire an environmental consultant to verify the process of production and waste disposal in its installations in order to confirm that such regulations are being followed. The cost of the consultancy shall be divided equitably among Users.


  1. In the event the user ships toxic wastes or other chemicals inside or outside of the AIIE, the User agrees that it will comply and dispose of such wastes or chemicals in compliances with rules and regulations of ASEZA.
20. User Committee

A user committee may be established with membership of one representative from each User in the AIIE. The User Committee shall meet periodically with the Manager.