New Opportunity

Expansion in Queirah:

A Joint Development Agreement has been signed for expansion of AIIE activities to the north of Aqaba on a site of 1,839,000m2 located adjacent to the Amman highway (50) KM to the north of Aqaba.

The expansion will enjoy all the advantages of the Aqaba Special Economic Zone together with PBI Aqaba services and management. 

Queirah 15 years investment goal will reach over $1 billion, and will create at least 6500 jobs. The infrastructure of the first phase is under construction. The site is ready to receive investors.


Proposed areas of investment are:

Metals engineering, glass, plastics converting, garments, energy and mineral processing, fertilizers, plastics, and supporting industries.
Logistics– independent and industry supporting
Commercial – support, services
Investment in the estate will promote and develop Jordan’s industrial exports from Aqaba to different countries and will attract new non-traditional industries.


The Advantages of Queirah industrial Zones:

  • Aqaba is the only sea port of Jordan.
  • World-class infrastructure and services.
  • An international road network linking the region with neighboring countries.
  • Available skilled and qualified manpower from the region.