Design Guidelines

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  1. The design and execution of industrial buildings, whether carried out by PBI Aqaba (The Manager) or a body appointed by the Manager or Investor, shall be in accordance with design guidelines as set out by the Manager, and with the approval of the relevant planning authorities in ASEZA. Design shall include a proposal for "green area" inside Investors lots. 
  1. Building rights shall be as per the following options only, and with the express approval of the relevant authorities for any exceptions:
    1. Front setback : not less than 5m from the facility
    2. Side setback : 4m
    3. Back setback: 5m
    4. It is allowed to build security room and electro-mechanical unit within the setbacks.
    5. Maximum height: 8m at the side walls and 10m at the roof ridge from the 0.00 average level and not higher that 1.5 m.
    6. Foot print 60%
    7. Total building right 100% for two stories for each lot
    8. Parking spaces required:
      1. One space /75m2 of the administration area
      2. One space /for every 400m2 of the production and storage area
  1. Exterior color schemes shall be in accordance with ASEZA instructions. Wall color shall preferably be achieved by pigmentation  not painted finish.
  1. Glassed area on any facade shall not exceed a maximum of 40%
  1. Part of each facade shall be constructed with a plaster finished exterior.
  1. Buildings may have flat roofs or sloped corrugated metal roof and gables. Metal materials may be used for part of facades and walls subject to compatibility with ASEZA approved colors chart.
  1. All buildings shall have a uniform concrete perimeter wall facing the street and or steel fence between plots, as per the design guidelines and the approved design by The Manager.
  1. All traffic areas and services yards shall be paved (asphalt, concrete)
  1. All services yards and loading docks shall be at the rear or to the side of the site, not adjacent to the road wherever possible.
  1. All site services include drainage. Rainwater runoff shall be resolved within the lot and shall not be reliant on passage through or unwanted affects on any neighboring lot.
  1. Any height difference greater than 50cm between lots must be resolved with the use of a retaining wall meeting the approval of the Manager
  1. Access to any shared services on or adjacent to a Investor's lot shall remain unhindered by constructions or activities of the tenant
  1. Projections for the use of services shall be provided to the Manager for approval, including electric power demands, water usage, sewage output etc.
  1. All connections to services on site shall be with the express approval of the Manager.
  1. Works performed by the Investor shall be confined to his lot except with the express consent of the Manager.
  1. All approvals are dependent upon receiving full design (architectural, structural) approval from ASEZA and any other relevant governmental authorities ( e.g. Civil Defense, Health, Environmental, etc).