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    • Land for sale
      AIIE is one of the few regional projects where investors, (including foreign investors) may buy land and register it in the Land Registry.
    • In addition to other facilities and amenities to include security  24/ 7,, full service gas station, an office of the storage and warehousing directorate 24/7 with customs clearance and truck weighing facility, high standards of design and maintenance.  
    • PBI Aqaba provides support and assistance to investors interfacing with Government agencies and the local community before and after commencement of operations.
    • Reduced land prices and rents: Discounts are given to projects that may make a substantial contribution to the economy of the ASEZ


    • Electricity
    • Telecommunication
    • Road network including street lighting and sidewalks.
    • Onsite fire hydrants network.
    • Water supply and distribution network.
    • Sanitary sewer network.
    • Flood protection and drainage system.
    • Administrative Buildings 
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