Why Aqaba?

Aqaba with its strategic geographic location, major seaport ,an international airport, and developed road network, in addition to being a special economic zone is playing major role in making AIIE an attractive location, these advantages include  


  • International Market Access Agreements
  • Jordan is party to an unusually broad range of market access agreements including WTO, US FTA, EU FTA, AFTA and QIZ. Companies located at AIIE, are NOT subject to any limitation or restriction imposed by such agreements on “Free-Zones”
  • Customs: There are no duties on raw materials and equipment. There are no bond or guaranty requirements.
  • Foreign Currency: There are no restrictions on foreign currency transactions.
  • Foreign ownership: There are no requirements for local partners. Foreigners may own a 100% interest in companies and in land at AIIE.
  • Municipal Tax – Exempt
  • Foreign labor: 70% of employees may be foreign without need for special approval other than customary visa formalities. If no Jordanian employees are available for specific jobs, the 70%, quota may be increased.
  • Low taxation: According to the Law, ASEZ registered enterprises will be subject only to a flat 5% income tax on net profits.
  • There are no requirements for eligibility.
  • Training support



Aqaba is a safe and secure base of operations located in the hub of shipping and trading activity in the Middle East.