Metals fabrication industries

One large plant operating at AIIE on 40 dunam, since 2010, specializes in fabrication of steel components for power stations, chemical factories, bridges etc. Another group which recently signed for 60 dunam, manufactures aluminum components. They will commence operation in 2015.

Security Industry

A Canadian armored car manufacturing company, started in 2011 on about 10 dunam of land, and expanded this year to an additional 10 dunam.

Plastics industry

A Syrian company started operation in 2013 on about 9 dunam of land, manufacture plastic stretch films for food packaging and industrial packaging.

Consumer products

A Food industry owned by Turkish and Jordanian investor started operation in 2012 in two factory buildings of about 1000m2 each. A Libyan company in food processing industry recently signed for 10 dunam with an option to expand for additional 10 dunam within one year. They will commence operation in 2015.